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Tired of long winded, evasive, obscure, and sometimes sophist answers to simple questions about Young Earth Creationism (YEC)?  This site is for you.

Many earnest individuals from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds are troubled by conflicting statements about the nature of our physical universe.  On one side we have the virtual consensus from the natural scientists that claim the universe is over 10 billion years old.  On the other we have evangelists from Christian, Muslim,  and also Jewish faiths that share a common and fervent belief that the universe is less than 6,000 years old.  This latter group is known as Young Earth Creationists, and the belief is as Young Earth Creationism (YEC).

Is YEC merely a proclamation of religiosity devoid of rational analysis, or not?  Some (most/all?) of its evangelists are adamant that the young earth belief is indeed a purely rational hypothesis, if not an absolute imperative.  If so, then certainly the relevant rational analysis should be readily accessible to all who seek it.  This site aspires to make this so.

The anonymous author of this web-log seeks to maintain a neutral non-polemical stand on the issues at hand, yet emphasize the YEC paradigm.  Furthermore, religious and theological issues will be downplayed for two reasons.  One is that YEC encompasses a wide scope of religious belief, so it is not appropriate to assume that any particular dogma will be shared over this spectrum.  The other is that dependence on religious dogma runs afoul with our rationalist aspirations.

Nonetheless, we will see that it is not possible to present YEC analysis without certain assumptions that originate from religious dogma.  The author would be pleased to be disproved of this statement.

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