Objective evidence

Is there any objective evidence that the planet Earth is about 6000 years old?

Sure.  This article reports that the earliest writing yet found is about 5,500 years.  If humans existed for much longer than that as the atheist scientists suggest, then surely we would find human writing older than this.

The fragments of pottery are about 5,500 years old 

For the record, we know about the Jiahu symbols found in Henan China that are dated to 6600 BCE.  First of all, these scribbles clearly do not qualify as "writing".  Second of all, scientists once again neglected to consider that the physical laws of the universe were different in the primordial six days of creation, so their dating methods are wrong.  This explains why the exact same dating method is valid for the artifact above, but not the one below.
First attempt at writing on a tortoise shell

Example of the Jiahu symbols

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