All other questions

There are numerous fields of science that work best with the old-universe model.  Why is that?

If one considers that the laws of the universe were only fixed about 6,000 years ago, then that should eliminate most of the questions.

For the others, consider that the world is filled with innumerable natural wonders that defy explanation.  The Bible and our clear 3,000 tradition from Sinai clearly tell us that the universe is less than 6,000 years old.

It's OK. Go ahead and add all the questions you want.

For instance, why do human beings have inactive genes for making a fully functional tail with vertebrae and under skeletal muscular control?

See how they mock us!

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  1. Hi Yitz,

    I've written up what I consider to be the most compelling examples of evidence for an ancient universe:

    Why the Universe Appears to Be More Than 5771 Years Old

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Kol tuv