Additional sites of interest

Wisdom is a commodity.  We recommend the sites as sources of wisdom.

  1. - A joint effort of Rabbi Simcha Coffer, Doctor (physician) Isaac Betach, and Doctor (PhD computer scientist) Yoel Ostroff.  These are orthodox evangelist YEC's.  As the blog name implies, their primary mission is to provide a counter point to the rationalist views of Rabbit Natan Slifkin
  2. Mr. Eric Hovind evangelizes YEC with panache.  It is unfortunate that his YEC evangelist father Kent is serving time for tax fraud, but we pray for his early release so that he can continue to join Eric in spreading YEC wisdom.
  3.  and by Rabbi Dovid Kornreich. 
  6. This is the blog of Rabbi Natan Slifkin, the rationalist Jewish Rabbi that advocates the old universe model.  His views and books have been banned by many prominent Jewish sages.  This is an anti-YEC site.  This can be considered a source of wisdom if you just believe the opposite of everything that he says.
  7. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - this film exposes the suppression of scientific creationism.

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