Paleontologists have unearthed fossils of creatures that do not exist today.  They tell us that the fossils from these creatures, including dinosaurs, are millions of years old.  How can that be?

The scientists are wrong about the age of the fossils.  See the entry on the King Clone plant. This tidbit is common to the answers below.

1. These creatures were created on the fifth or sixth day and died sometime later.  It could be that they co-existed with men, or that they died out a day or so prior to the creation of Adam.  Scientist Mary Schweitzer found blood vessels in some of these fossils.  Also consider that bones can fossilize in as little as two weeks. This clearly suggests that fossils are less than 6000 years old.  This essay by Dr. Yoel Ostroff expands on the topic.

2. Kabalists explain that the world was created and destroyed many times before our current formation.  These are remnants from those destroyed worlds.

3. God planted the fossils there and the creatures never actually lived.  We don't know why, but it doesn't bother us because there are many wonders of the natural world that defy explanation.

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