Sunday, November 21, 2010

teddy bear sets the record straight


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  1. From a friend...

    Dawidh, WHY, oh, WHY did you send me this!!! B"SD

    The Avoth keep the ESSENCE of the 4 species (unity of ALL of Jewry) , the essence of 'Amaleq (casting doubt on the Divine) & these essences existed even before the Exodus, but were only manifested in physical form AFTER the Exodus. Ya'aqov's version of the Torah joined the letters at different points & were OPEN until they actually took place. H prevent Ya'aqov from knowing about Yosef & brothers which to Ya'aqov appeared as mashiach b Yosef vs. mashiach b Dawidh (Rachel vs. Leah's sons).

    This is interesting, but way too distracting, I've got to focus on other things, like making a living.