Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Young star light

In this comment from his YEC blog, Rabbi Coffer finally explains why star light from distant starts is less than 6,000 years old, and why the star light doesn't even appear to be as old as the distance would indicate.  I think that it is worthy of its own posting and should not be buried in the comments section.

Rabbi Coffer's explanation verbatim...
Hashem is a “huge” watchmaker, ka’vayachol. The universe is full of phenomena, hundreds of billions of phenomena, which are endlessly more complex than a watch. Like the watchmaker of our mashal, He had a purpose in creating all these things. Starlight is one of these phenomena, or, “watches”.

Now let’s suppose for a moment that this universe could possibly be explained without recourse to a Great Watch Designer. We would now have two distinct possibilities. Either the starlight we see was created billions of years ago via random chance naturalistic processes which would then account for us being able to see the light from stars which are billions of light years away. Or, the universe was created by a Great Watch Designer who created a fully functional universe instantly according to His specifications and thus designed it in such a way that the light from distant stars reached earth at their very inception.

Could you have a ta’ana on the Great Watch Designer for doing such a thing? Could you claim that He planted false evidence in the beriah? Of course not. He was just going about His business of making “watches”, that’s all. He never asked people to be unreasonable and entirely discount the possibility of a Great Intelligent Designer.

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